There is so much talk about energy drinks these days.  Some experts say that they are ok and safe and others that say they are completely dangerous and can have adverse effects on the body.  My personal opinion on this is that 95% of these drinks are complete crap.  They are loaded with sugar and un godly amounts of caffein.  Not to mention some of them give you a total amount of vitamins way over your daily UI limit.  Green teas and green tea extract seems to be the way to go these days. It will give you that boost of energy with with naturally occuring vitamins A and C, potassium and iron, nutrients and fiber, this is a healthy alternative to a morning cup of coffee.;sz=320×320;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802463591;pid=10004541;usg=AFHzDLuE6KYzul52rRMJtTTbhJYaDNPMLA;;pubid=607281;;width=320;height=320Imperial Matcha, Japanese Powdered Green Tea (Google Affiliate Ad)