Looking for supplements these days can be sooooo confusing.  There are a million brands, serving sizes, mixtures and concoctions.  Its easy to just say what is the point.  On the flip side, it is really easy to spend hundreds of dollars on products that at the end of the day you are pissing your money away literally.  The key is to get quality product sometimes even over quantity.  Here is a list of supplements that I feel helped put me at the top of my game and hopefully can help you as well.

1.  Hydrowhey protein
2.  Multi-Vitamin  (scored so you can take half in morning and half in afternoon)
3.  Glutamine – amino acid helps in protein synthesis
4.  Creatine ( 2.5-5 g a day no loading phase )
5.  BCAA – branch chain amino acids (reduces muscle breakdown and helps in recovery
6.  Vitamin D3 – (almost every single person is VitD deficient)
7.  Fish Oil – (an absolute must for everyone) make sure it has DHA and EPA  -Many diseases and                      
     sickness  in our bodies are causes of inflammation and Omega 3’s help reverse this.
8.  Calicium w/ Magnesium – for strong bones and teeth
9.  Vitamin C – lets be honest this vitamin is magic and have to many good causes to name
10.  Green Tea Extract – a little less jitter with a whole lot of health benefits

So there it is, these supplements helped me make 2012 one of my best years and hopefully they can help you better yourself in 2013.  Im not endorsing any products but I will say that NatureMade as well as Optimum Nutrition are a couple of my favorite brands.  Try em out and can’t wait to hear some feedback.  Happy New Year Everyone.