It’s 2013 and obesity is still a rising epidemic even with all the free information on the Internet. I think the main problem is that either there is so much information that people tend to get lost in it, individuals may feel that it’s too late in the game for change, or people are just down right lazy. WAKE UP!!!! It’s never to late to better yourself and your lifestyle. You are 100% worth it and completely capable of change. I’ve compiled a short list of what I call NO-NO foods to help you with your goals this year. I challenge you to look deep into your relationship with food. Food is energy, it shouldn’t make you feel sluggish, slow or tired. The first few weeks are a little tough while your body transitions away from the cravings of crap food, but remember it’s just food. You can do this.

2013 NO-NO Food list-

1- Ice cream – (fat, sugar, artificial color and flavoring….the list goes on)

2 – Fried foods – super high in fats and artery clogging gunk!! BTW the French word for fried is Sauté.

3- Sugar, candy, chocolate and sweets- carbohydrates don’t make you fat guys and gals…..sugar will!!!     Not to mention all the other horrible health issues it causes.

4- Soda – loaded with sucrose and high fructose corn syrup as well as empty calories.

5- Cookies, Cakes, Pastries- google what they actually put in these items. It will make you think twice.

6- Fruit “juices” – (sugar,sucrose,high fructose corn syrup). Put the juice down and grab some whole fruit

7- Sausage and Bacon –  Bacon and sausage calories are made of fat calories 93% typically. Even reduced fat turkey is still 50-70% fat.

8- Potato chips, corn chips – crazy amounts of sodium, flour, and almost no nutritional value.

9- White bread – you might as well eat a couple spoons full of sugar. WB is completely stripped of nutrients and is made of refined white flour which will more readily turned to fat. GO WHOLE WHEAT!!!

10- Sugary cereals – most cereals contain tons of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Rule of thumb-                
     (9g or less per serving) and watch your serving size.

There it is guys. Hope this helps your goals this year. You can do it!!!