So many people go on diets these days to lose weight and they get frustrated because they just don’t work.  I want to challenge everyone to do a little research about why dieting doesn’t work.  There is so much research that shows that when you drastically cut calories you chance shutting down your metabolism.  You also chance losing quality muscle because your body goes into starvation mode.  Not to mention that at some point you will crash, give in and gain all the weight back while your slow metabolism tries to catch up.  With that said, the only way to lose fat and keep it off is to eat plenty of clean healthy calories (whole foods, lean proteins, healthy fats) and increasing your exercise.  Sounds to simple to be true right?  Well it is that simple.  Rather than starve yourself and be miserable, eat healthy food and get your butt in gear.  GET MOVING!

I will close this out with one of my favorite quotes.

“Food is the cornerstone of nutrition. If you don’t eat the proper foods – lean proteins, starchy carbs, and fibrous carbs – nothing else matters. No supplement can ever provide you with all the benefits that food supplies. We were built to process foods – proteins, carbohydrates and fats – not powdered or liquid supplements alone. If you want to make the best possible progress with your physique, I suggest that you forget the hype surrounding all supplement diets or meal replacement programs and get back to basics. And that means food.” 
John Parillo,