Alright guys here is a workout challenge for you.

Pushups                   x 20
Standing Squats       x 20
Situps                       x 20
Pullups                     x 10
Mountain climbers    x 20

Repeat this 4 times  (5 exercises x 4 = 20)

Good luck and remember when you think you can’t do it, regroup, grab water, and keep going.;dcadv=3632184;sz=180×150;lid=41000613802463762;pid=GRZ046;usg=AFHzDLuuFw8dcmX_iZkBDbbWGFE79NdAFQ;;pubid=607281;price=%2418.25;title=Grizzly+Fitness+8728-0…;merc=UnbeatableSale;;width=85;height=85