I can’t do this.  I can never look like that.  I can’t lose weight.  I am fat.  I look awful.  It’s too hard. I’m too old.  I have a slow metabolism.  It’s statements like these that are keeping you from hitting your goals.  I’m sure you have all heard that perception is reality. In many ways this is true when it comes to losing weight.  So many people forget to realize that losing weight is far more than exercise and eating healthy.  If you continue to use self-defeating statements about yourself, you will sabotage your weight loss.  Plain and simple.  Weight loss is simple when talking about the science of it, but it is also very hard work.   There is no magic pill, there are no short cuts.
     Eat healthy and workout hard to burn more calories than you consume.  This doesn’t mean starve yourself. Quite the opposite.  Eat too few calories and your body will go into starvation mode and begin to store fat.  Our bodies are very smart.  Rather than starve, how about eat right be full and just workout a little harder?  Seems simple right.  Well it is that simple.  If you continue to tell yourself you can’t do it, than you never will.
     Change your thought process.  Start saying I am and I will and I can.  Write your goals down in detail of what you want.  Write down how you want to look and in all caps write I AM WORTH IT.  I AM STRONG.  I AM FIT etc.   Change your thought process and you will change yourself.

Power Meal

100% Whole wheat pasta
Grilled Chicken
Squeeze of lemon
side of cottage cheese