Why is it that bad carbohydrates are “BAD” when it comes to weight loss?  Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose (blood sugar).  Glucose triggers the pancreas to release insulin.    Insulin’s job is to transport glucose to the cells to be used for energy or to be stored as FAT.  To simply break this down, the more insulin produced in the body the more fat you store.  Plus, when insulin spikes it actually causes cravings sugar and “BAD” carbohydrates.  Hence why individuals crave dessert after a heavy meal.   FAT=BAD therefore overeating “BAD” carbohydrates is a no-no.

      The reason it is so important to eat lean protein and small amounts of healthy fat with your GOOD carbohydrates is because this slows down the release of insulin.  Also, protein and fats will help with satiety and combining all three together causes fewer cravings because it keeps the body’s blood sugar level throughout the day.  Hopefully this helps to understand why it’s bad to sit down with a bag of chips and salsa, fried floury foods and the like.  It’s funny how BAD carbs cause cravings for more BAD carbs.  This is why it’s easy to overeat these items and gain weight.
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