So many times in life we overlook obvious signs right in front us.  This secret of fat loss that I want to talk about is probably one of the most obvious and simple things, but also the most overlooked.  Have you ever experienced a couple of really good workout days followed by a couple of days with very little energy and motivation in the gym?  Chances are that you are dehydrated.  The thing with dehydration is that if you are having symptoms it’s already too late.  

      Water is required for joint lubrication, digestion, circulation, respiration, absorption, and excretion. Water is also one of the number one “supplements” when trying to lose body fat.  Symptoms of dehydration can be similar to a “hangover”.  Fatigue, headache, and tiredness can all be related.  Most of the time people don’t even put 2 and 2 together.   Individuals may feel tired, under rested, or think they are over working.  Drink up people!!!!   Individuals need a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water a day.   That’s almost 100 oz a day.  Getting enough water???  That’s not including those who heavily exercise need to drink more.   There is water in coffee obviously, but because caffeine is slightly diuretic only count about 70% of the water content.
        The kidney’s need water to eliminate toxic waste.  Extra water is needed while eating a high protein diet because the body uses more water to break down protein.   It’s time to stop drinking soda and juices and pick up some simple H20.      
         I want to take a moment to bust a myth and some of you may not agree with me and that’s ok.   Classes such as hot yoga, as well as hot sauna’s will not make you lose more fat.  Fat does not leave your body through sweat glands.  While these activities may be relaxing and relax the muscles, drinking extra water is required because the body is actually being dehydrated.  
Sports nutritionist Dr. Michael Colgan says that water is quite simply, “the most important nutrient in the body.” 
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