While trying to lose weight one of the harder things for people to give up is alcohol.  I am a firm believer of moderation when it comes to drinking but a lot of people don’t quite understand the term moderation.  Two drinks a day no more than 2 days a week is moderation.  To some people this may seem easy and to others it may seem drastic.  The truth is when you binge drink (more than 3) its doing a lot more to the body than consuming excess calories.  One night of full out drinking completely puts fat loss to a halt.  Late nights of drinking include disrupted sleep patterns, dehydration which slows fat loss, as well as missed meals or even worse drunken binge eating.  Not to mention the next day of no motivation hangovers with food craving and the like.
        I know what some of you are thinking, ” I don’t want to lose weight that bad.”  Well, at least you are being honest with yourself.   If you can’t learn to change your habits and want it enough for yourself nobody else can make it happen for you.   For my clients there are no GOOD reasons not to follow a proper diet, only EXCUSES.   Its almost easier to not even bother telling friends of cutting back on alcohol and if it’s a problem than those friends probably don’t have your best interest at heart.
       I’m not saying don’t go out and celebrate every now and than.  I enjoy going out just as much as the next person but if I’m getting ready for a shoot or slimming down for summer, you will rarely find me drinking.   Is your main goal to lose weight?  Do you really want it for yourself?  Why work your ass off in the gym and waste all that hard work if you are going to just drink it all away on the weekend?  Not to mention that when results don’t show, it’s so easy to blame it on so many things other than the real issue.  So do yourself a favor and don’t make it harder on yourself.
       I know plenty of people including myself that have gone out to bars and had a blast without one drink.   This may be a hard concept to grasp but if the motivation is truly to lose weight, this might be the one thing holding you back.  Don’t let the simple things keep you from reaching your goals.  The bars, the people, the friends, they will always be there, even when you are a healthier more fit you!