I had a good friend ask me the other day what residual income was all about.  He had asked me about how I got so far in network marketing in such a short time because he had very little understanding of the industry and thought that “those things never work.”   I always chuckle when I hear that statement because the only way that you could come to that conclusion is by listening to people that have failed.  So if you are basing your entire knowledge of something off of the failures of others, than how could you ever find out if you yourself could do it.   You see, network marketing isn’t perfect it’s just a better business model than most.  You work together in unison and have to collaborate rather than compete.  By helping others win and get paid,  you get paid.    The concept of residual income is simple.  Think of it like royalties.  An artist can write a song that becomes a hit and than every time that song is played  that artist receives a check.  It’s doing something once and getting paid over and over and over again. Less than 3% of our population makes residual income.  Funny how that’s also close to the less than 5% business owners and 95% employees model.   The misconception comes from thinking that you can get rich quick.  That is lie and I would run from anyone that ever tells you that.  A business takes time, consistent effort, and a backbone.   The beautiful thing about a network marketing business is the super low start up cost and Unlimited Earning Potential meaning there is no cap.   So the question really is…
Is what your currently doing building a residual income meaning that eventually you will have more time freedom and money coming in regardless of whether you choose to work or not?   
Or are you trading your precious time for dollars?
We are all so busy and have very little time.
What are you doing over the next 5 years to regain your time and freedom?