Business Entrepreneurship

             When starting your own journey into entrepreneurship there are a couple things you need to realize.  Your belief in what you are doing is everything.  If you doubt that what you are setting out to do won’t work even the slightest bit than you should probably re-think your plan.   You see it doesn’t matter if some people think you are crazy.  It doesn’t matter if some people give you negativity or tell you something won’t work.  Only you can make that decision and take that leap of faith.   It’s called a leap of faith because when you make a “real” decision to do something you are cutting off the alternative.  You see, the word decision, or to decide is in the same family as incision.   Decide, suicide, homicide, and pesticide is the action of cutting off or to kill off.   When you make a decision its cutting off the alternative and not looking back.   I believe that if people think you are crazy for building your dream than you are actually doing something right.   So many people get caught up in the trap of just running on a hamster wheel doing what they are told.   When you do something different and out of the ordinary people may view it as odd because they don’t understand it.   Anyone in this world who was an innovator was at one point thought to be a little odd or crazy.   So believe in yourself and your dreams, and take that leap of faith.