By:  Joshua Zitting

Is your life a total mess,  has zero routine or discipline, full of procrastination and you feel out of control at times?

Where do you start with discipline habits when there’s so much to change?

It’s quite simple, you clean house.

You start with one small step at a time.  When you eat breakfast, wash your plate or bowl.  When you are done with morning tea or coffee, simply wash your cup.  Don’t leave a single item in the sink or on your counter.

Do it right then.

Make this a habit one day at a time and one dish at a time.
Once you complete this a few weeks in a row than start making sure when you get undressed for the day you put you hang your cloths up right away, put them away or in the dirty cloths.  

After this, do some crunches, a few standing squats, maybe some pushups.  Eat a few vegetables instead of that cracker.  

Once you build this discipline habit you can trust yourself to take more and more on at a time.
You can’t eat an entire elephant at once, you must do it one bite at a time.
So for now, start with the dishes, smile, and create your day.  For you have the power to create anything!