For many years people have used meditation to help them get rid of stress and thoughts that are emotionally draining.  The goal of meditation is to bring ones self to the present moment with peace and clarity.   There are so many traditions, and techniques, almost to many to name but the core of meditation is all the same: to bring awareness and to help expand consciousness.
Meditation is precious gift, and people turn to meditation for many reasons.  Even doctor’s today sometime recommend meditation to help with stress reduction, lower blood pressure, and help with sleeping.   Others seek out meditation to find relief from anger, pain, or fearful thoughts that bombard the mind daily.  Yet, others just want a greater understand of ones self, improve concentration, and to be more intuitive.
The purpose truly depends on the meditator for their reasons why, but it is true that those who practice meditation regularly have shown to have incredible benefits on a multitude of levels including – mental, spiritual, emotional, and even physical. 
These include:
Better Sleep
Increased Production
Increase in DHEA (anti-aging)
Lower blood pressure levels
Lower Cholesterol
Lower Stress and Less Anxiety

Did you know that researchers have found that Meditating can actually restore the brain?   In as little as 8 weeks!   Massachusetts General Hospital did a study that not only helped people with memory, sense of self, lower stress, but produced actual changes in areas of the brain.

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