Top Fitness trends of 2015
By: Joshua Zitting
2015 is off with a bang and for most of us we are either deep into our new years goals or falling quickly behind on what was to be the best year ever!   As summer approaches quickly I am often asked what is the best way to get in shape for summer.  The answer truthfully is that there are so many ways its almost hard to pin point just one.  With technology and smart watches there to help us there are so many trends popping up that sometimes its hard to keep up.  What I loved about 2014 was that it was a year for fitness where people really brought things back to the basics.
  • pushups
  • planks
  • lunges
  • squats
  • pull-ups
The best part about these is they require no equipment and can essentially be done almost anywhere making these almost the best fit for anyone.  Here are some of the top trends of 2015 and also some of my personal favorites:
1.    BodyWeight Training:  Lets talk about convent and time saving.  You could being doing squats
while brushing your teeth or watching your favorite show.  Bust out plank during commercials or
while something cooks on the stove. Why not?
2.    Personal Training:   Exercising with a professional is still one of the top trends of
       2015.   This industry will continue to grow.   Don’t just go with the trainer the gym
       picks for you.  You should interview or at least watch what they do around your
       gym.   Trainers are human and there are good and also lazy trainers.  Find one that
       fits you so you get your moneys worth.  One of the best things about having a
       trainer is they will personally tailor your workouts to meet your specific goals.  For
       many people having someone like a trainer hold them accountable is exactly what
       they need to reach their goals.
3.    HIIT:  High Intensity Interval Training is short intense bursts accompanied with low
       intensity movements or short periods of rest.   These types of workouts are perfect
       for anyone in a time crunch.  30-45 minutes of HIIT training can kick your butt!
4.    Weight Training:   Strength / Weight training will help to improve strength and can
       pretty much be added into any single workout plan or routine.  Training with weight
       will far benefit you more than just beyond the gym.  You will sleep better, feel
       better, have better memory, more confidence, and have more sex.
5.    Yoga:   One of my absolute new favorites is yoga.  It’s not just about humming and
       om-ing.  Yoga really focuses on your stabilizer muscles, core strength, and
       flexability.  Try it, guarantee it kicks your butt and will help you tremendously with
       your fitness goals.  Not to mention learning to breath properly really helps you be
       present in the day and actually helps with overall happiness. There are so many
       types of yoga so find the one that works best for you.
6.      Group Training:   Want to cut down on cost and be able
         to socialize and still get your workout in?   Group training with friends is awesome
         and lot of trainers now will let you hire them for an hour and you can put together
         a group of friends or family to work out together.  Its like having a 1on1 coach but
         without breaking the bank.  Plus you can help hold each other accountable.
7.      Nutrition:   More than ever are individuals finally realizing how important nutrition
         is.  So many people are taking notice to the organic movements and sugar free
         detox.  Nutrition alone will help you with your goals and combine it with training
         and you are well on your way.  My book Avoid The Poison: A guide to a GMO and Sugar Free   
         explains the toxic effects of sugar on the body and look out for my new paleo recipe book
coming out in the next few weeks.
Hope this article will continue to guide you or get you back on track for that summer body you deserve with 2015’s Top Trends!