Coconut Oil and Fat Loss:  10 Reasons Why You Should Add Coconut Oil to Your Diet
By: Joshua Zitting

Did you know that coconut oil is actually one of the best fats in the world for you?
Here are just a few of the benefits of this amazing fat that you may not know:
1.  The oil contains medicinal properties because of the unique fatty acids contained within the oil.
2.  Coconut oil has been shown to increase fat burning properties within the body and 
     also increases energy, making it awesome for weight loss.
3.  Areas around the world known to eat more coconut have shown to be overall more healthy
     and also show lower levels of heart disease. 
4.  Coconut oil helps stop cravings and actually stops hunger. This will essentially help you eat 
     less which will help with weight loss. 
5.  Coconut oil can kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria due to the high amounts of lauric acid. 
6.  Coconut oil has been shown in tons of studies to actually help reduce seizures due to 
     the oil converting to ketones. 
7.  If you have damaged or brittle hair, coconut oil is amazing to treat hair and it can also
     be used as a form of sunscreen. 
8.  The ketone bodies in coconut oil have been shown to improve memory and has also
     been shown to help Alzheimer’s patients with brain function.
9.   Did I mention this fat helps you lose fat?  Confusing I know, but coconut oil in small 
      amounts has been proven to help lose fat especially in the abdominal region. 
10.  Make sure you buy organic virgin coconut oil. Most of the products in stores are crap.
       Here are a few I’ve personally tried and prefer: