Lemon Water for Weight loss and Diet

By: Joshua Zitting

There has been a ton of buzz lately around lemon water helping you lose weight so I really dug into this topic to see what all the buzz was about.  Celebrities seem to be raving about however there are a couple key things to take into account.
If you are drinking lemon water and replacing other beverages this could be really helpful for weight loss.  This would be the case specially if you are replacing drinks that are higher in calories like coffee or soda and have either sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Drinking lemon juice water whether in hot or cold form can indeed help to boost metabolism, but more importantly it will keep you well hydrated.  Especially for those of you who don’t typically like to drink water this could be a great technique for you to drink more water and enjoy the taste a little more without having a bunch of extra calories.
Lemons have been shown to reduce hunger cravings and also can help with bowel movements.
Lemons have been well known to reduce bloating as well as used as a light diuretic.
Also, don’t chug lemon water, this can cause heartburn.  If you have acid reflux you should probably not drink a ton of lemon water either as this might make it worse.
Overall the moral to the story is that one of the most fat burning supplements we have available to us is good ol water.  So stay hydrated my friends.