Protein ShakesFor those of you who take protein shakes, I came across a great site recently that lets you compare nutritional data so you know more accurately as to what is in your shaker. also helps explain the nuances on what have been collectively labelled as “protein shakes”.   Weight gainers, diet shakes, and meal replacement protein shakes– all fall under the umbrella of a vastly diversified product range as brands seek to capitalise on the growing demographic that are increasingly health conscious. The problem is, protein shakes can differ quite considerably.

For individuals who are new to taking a greater interest in fitness and nutrition, this website explains what exactly whey protein is and how it differs to that of a casein, a gainer protein, or a diet shake. It also gives some recommendations as to how much protein you should be consuming depending on your goals, gender and age.

Browsers in the UK are also given an extra treat in that they’re able to compare prices across 1,000+ products from 30 online stores. Should your wallet be running a little lighter this month, the site also makes further recommendations on protein shakes which share a similar macro profile but may be a little less in cost. To help you bag an even better deal, the site offers discount codes and money saving tips.  I have personally used the site now a few times and really love the background and knowledge it gives you on all the different protein products and they are quick to ship.    Take a look, you might just save when it’s time to replenish for your next protein hit.

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Protein Shakes