Best Way to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

4 ways of eating lean

By: Joshua Zitting

build muscle mass fast
build muscle mass fast

#1 Less Carbs, More Protein-

There are so many misinterpretations on how to build lean muscle fast.  While trying to gain muscle remember that carbs give you energy and are used more as fuel, where protein will create muscle.   So if you are eating a high carb diet with very little protein you won’t be putting on much muscle and you would have too much access energy from the carbohydrates which will then store as fat.   The other key thing to understand is it is in fact difficult for you to over eat protein, meaning you can get away with eating more lean meats.  Your body breaks down over 90% of protein ingested.  If you over eat carbohydrates you will have a massive insulin level spike and then carbs will start to get stored in the muscle as glycogen, but if glycogen levels are full, this will store as fat.   If you overeat protein your body will automatically slow down digestion until the protein is needed.

#2 Wholesome calories rather then Wasteful (Organic Raw Food) –

6ASMNGB3YI There is nothing worse than seeing people trying to build muscle fast but are trying to do it with fast food.   Just because you need more calories don’t make the mistake or misunderstanding that these can come from just anywhere.   Put quality foods in your body that will add lean muscle mass and give you results.  Junk food is the worst and will end up making you puffy and bloated looking.  Great carbohydrate sources like, brown rice, whole grains, vegetables, greens, and potatoes are awesome.  When it comes to proteins always go with lean cut meats, whole eggs, and chicken.   You can even throw in some healthy fats like raw almonds, avocados, and little bit of olive oil.  The key with these foods is to eat to maintain insulin levels and help the management of glucose levels.

#3  Less overall Calories –

The myth of needing to eat a ton of calories to gain muscle isn’t really the truth.   What matters more is what type of body you have and how active you are on a daily basis.  You see, to build muscle mass fast, adding an addition 500 calories a day could very well be plenty enough to put on mass.  Calories for your daily intake should range around 15-20 times your weight.  That’s around where you should be for adding mass.   Most of my clients will increase slowly by 150-250 calories a day from their daily base caloric intake.

Here is a video by Weight Gain Network on youtube on how to build mass fast.

#4  Keep the body guessing with Cycle Phasing –

Cycle phasing is alternating between high caloric and low caloric diet phases.  It would be like eating super low calorie for 2 weeks and than switching to higher calories for 2 weeks.  This shocks your body into adjusting to the changes.   It has been shown to add lean mass and have positive effects on the hormones of the body.  For your bulking cycle, write down what you currently weigh and multiply it by 10-12.   That will give you a number called your calories for maintenance.  Than depending on how active you are and your body type simply add 1100-1500 calories.  Less calories if you are less active, and more calories for more active. If cutting take your current weight by 8-10 and add 1100 -1500.   You can always slightly adjust in increments of 100 til you find your sweet spot.