The Best Sample Carb Cycling Diet Plan

By: Joshua Zitting

#1  You are able to lose weight consistently, without giving up to your favorite foods.

Unlike other diets, CARB CYCLING does not completely forbid you to eat certain foods which many people consider “guilty pleasures” (everybody has such foods!) and here I am talking about chocolate, chips, and others like this. The key here is in quantity, as I have mentioned above. After following a diet plan, and here I mean having small meals that consist of carefully chosen foods based on the nutrients they offer combined with physical exercise, you get to treat yourself to a few of those guilty pleasures of yours. In other words, if you manage to follow a carb cycling diet plan for 5 days, you get to have a few chocolate bars in the last 2 days of the week. How great is that?

#2  You lose weight consistently and never gain back more than what you lost with a carb cycling how to. 

Traditional diets focus primarily on making your body lose weight as soon as possible, without caring for the medical consequences that will appear if the body loses from its mass so fast. By adopting a carb cycling diet plan, you will get your body used to certain healthy foods on some days and other foods on other days. This way you:

Don’t fall back into the same old routine, starting a diet, having a chocolate bar because you feel as though you crave it and cannot stop yourself from doing it, then giving up completely on the diet because you feel as though you botched the entire diet plan.

Don’t crave those unhealthy foods because you know that if you stick to your plan, you will get to eat them at the end of the week or whenever you decide to when you make your diet plan.

Don’t risk gaining back twice as much weight as you lost after you finish the diet because your body is used to having all the foods it had before, except it receives some of them at the beginning of the week for some days, while the others are received at the end of the week or depending on the diet plan you made.

#3  You have a goal in your mind: reaching the day when you can eat whatever you like.  Using carb cycling for fat loss and muscle gain. 

Do you remember the psychological factor I told you about a bit earlier? It is very important when it comes to dieting. If you start following a carb cycling diet for weight loss, the psychological factor no longer influences the diet plan as much as it does in the case of other diets. If you set up a goal in your mind, for example, if you think to yourself that on Sunday, you will FINALLY get to eat a chocolate bar and you start counting down the days to that particular day, it will be much easier to get through the day, as opposed to the case when you are not allowed to eat any chocolate bars at all.

If you are allowed to eat those “guilty pleasure” types of foods at the end of the week, the risk of losing the battle with weight loss is not as high as in other cases. Besides, if you reward yourself with a chocolate bar at the end of the week, you will have something to look forward to and there is nothing better than having a bit of chocolate after a hard working week, isn’t it?

#4  Disadvantages of carb cycling

While carb cycling is a great alternative to the usual diets that do nothing but weaken your body, it does have its ups and downs. No diet is perfect and carb cycling does have its disadvantages. While for some, they
may not be so important, others, particularly those who are looking for a diet that will yield quick results and on which they can give up after a few months, may find that carb cycling is not exactly their cup of tea.

So, without further ado, here are some things regarding carb cycling that some people may consider to be disadvantages:

# 5 It is more of a lifestyle rather than a diet.

If you are looking for a diet that will give you quick results and that you can give up after a few months, usually after the wedding of your best friend has taken place and you look great in that new dress in the photos, carb cycling is not exactly for you. Since it has been used mostly by athletes and bodybuilders, it is more of a lifestyle than a diet. If you want to give up on it after you reached the shape of the body you were initially looking for, you should do so gradually, so as not to give your body too many nutrients. It will start to store as much fat as it can and … well, you know what that means by now.

However, carb cycling as a lifestyle is not such a bad idea.

Consider the advantages of it:

– You will have a healthy body with a great immune system, since your body will get used to receiving healthy foods full of nutrients for one part of the week and some “guilty pleasures” at the end of it;

– You will have much more energy than before, since you will feed your body the exact nutrients it needs in order to function as it should. Remember:

Healthy foods + regular physical exercise = lots and lots of energy!

#6 Carb cycling doesn’t work as a diet alone, you need to do physical exercises as well.

This means that a diet without physical exercises is incomplete. If you are looking for a quick fix just for that one wedding, carb cycling may not be for you. However, I also have to mention the fact that when I say, “physical exercises”, I am not talking about a full workout that lasts several hours, especially if you are just starting to workout. You need to start off slow and let your body get used to physical exercises. For each type of carb cycling diet, depending on whether you want to simply lose weight or gain more muscle mass, there are different sets of physical exercises which you must perform on a daily basis. This, combined with the healthy foods you will be eating, will allow your body to be shaped according to your desires.

One of my favorite explanations from Ryan Engle Fitness on youtube, check it out he is awesome!

Bottom line

Carb CyclingThis article is a chapter right from my ebook – Carb Cycling Diet:   The bottom line is the fact that carb cycling has many advantages and the disadvantages, at least the ones that I could come up with, are quite small. Sure the healthy foods you are required to eat are expensive, but there are always websites that can help you cook amazing delicious healthy meals with just a few cheap ingredients.  Sure carb cycling doesn’t make you lose 20 lbs. in one week, as other diets advertise on the internet or on TV,  those are nonsense and as a lifestyle this will transform your body into a very healthy one. When you put all the benefits together, it doesn’t seem such a bad idea anymore, does it?

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