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Peanut Butter Protein Cookies – How to make Protein Cookies

Peanut Butter Protein Cookies –
Lean Cookies low in carbs and high in protein and healthy fats
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Peanut Butter Protein Cookies –
Lean Cookies low in carbs and high in protein and healthy fats

Protein Pancakes – That fight off your Cold

Pancake Recipe –

1 banana mashed
2 eggs
1 scoop protein powder
1 Tsp coconut oil
1 tsp raw organic honey

Lose Weight, Eat chocolate, and stay on track with your diet!!

On a new diet plan and craving sweets?

Looking to lose weight for the summer?

Love to eat chocolate but it’s not a part of your diet?

Here is your solution

A desert that helps you cut cravings and lose weight and still tastes awesome!

Lemon Water for Diet and Weight Loss

Lemon Water for Weight loss and Diet

By: Joshua Zitting

There has been a ton of buzz lately around lemon water helping you lose weight so I really dug into this topic to see what all the buzz was about.  Celebrities seem to be raving about however there are a couple key things to take into account.
If you are drinking lemon water and replacing other beverages this could be really helpful for weight loss.  This would be the case specially if you are replacing drinks that are higher in calories like coffee or soda and have either sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Drinking lemon juice water whether in hot or cold form can indeed help to boost metabolism, but more importantly it will keep you well hydrated.  Especially for those of you who don’t typically like to drink water this could be a great technique for you to drink more water and enjoy the taste a little more without having a bunch of extra calories.
Lemons have been shown to reduce hunger cravings and also can help with bowel movements.
Lemons have been well known to reduce bloating as well as used as a light diuretic.
Also, don’t chug lemon water, this can cause heartburn.  If you have acid reflux you should probably not drink a ton of lemon water either as this might make it worse.
Overall the moral to the story is that one of the most fat burning supplements we have available to us is good ol water.  So stay hydrated my friends.

Coconut Oil and Fat Loss: 10 Reasons Why You Should Add Coconut Oil to Your Diet

Coconut Oil and Fat Loss:  10 Reasons Why You Should Add Coconut Oil to Your Diet
By: Joshua Zitting

Did you know that coconut oil is actually one of the best fats in the world for you?
Here are just a few of the benefits of this amazing fat that you may not know:
1.  The oil contains medicinal properties because of the unique fatty acids contained within the oil.
2.  Coconut oil has been shown to increase fat burning properties within the body and 
     also increases energy, making it awesome for weight loss.
3.  Areas around the world known to eat more coconut have shown to be overall more healthy
     and also show lower levels of heart disease. 
4.  Coconut oil helps stop cravings and actually stops hunger. This will essentially help you eat 
     less which will help with weight loss. 
5.  Coconut oil can kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria due to the high amounts of lauric acid. 
6.  Coconut oil has been shown in tons of studies to actually help reduce seizures due to 
     the oil converting to ketones. 
7.  If you have damaged or brittle hair, coconut oil is amazing to treat hair and it can also
     be used as a form of sunscreen. 
8.  The ketone bodies in coconut oil have been shown to improve memory and has also
     been shown to help Alzheimer’s patients with brain function.
9.   Did I mention this fat helps you lose fat?  Confusing I know, but coconut oil in small 
      amounts has been proven to help lose fat especially in the abdominal region. 
10.  Make sure you buy organic virgin coconut oil. Most of the products in stores are crap.
       Here are a few I’ve personally tried and prefer:

Paleo Diet: 6 key things for a Beginner Starting the Paleo Diet

How to Paleo Diet
6 Key steps to help with your journey
By: Joshua Zitting
With the Paleo diet there are some key things to take into account when it comes to losing weight.   Switching to Paleo alone could be what you need to jump start your weight loss goals but there are a couple key lifestyle changes you will need.  Here are 6 simple tips for a successful paleo diet plan:

1.  Simple Is Key.
Paleo alone will help you cut calories without restricting them and this alone will be super effective.  Eating simpler foods is the key to eating less according to research because it will help you cut weight without a lot of effort.
So what exactly does simple mean?  Eating healthy and sticking to the basics is key.  Stick to meat and fish, make sure to get plenty of veggies, root veggies and fruit, and some healthy fats but keep it minimal.  Keep your ingredients to a minimum with little additional flavoring if you are trying to lose weight.  Save your extravagant meals for the weekend or a cheat meal.
2.  Carbohydrates for Energy levels.
First off realize that every single persons body reacts differently to carbohydrates.  Some people react very well to super low carb diets while some people end up with no energy at all.  This will also depend on the amount of exercise that you are doing on a daily basis.
While I think that its important to have some carbohydrates in your diet for energy, you should match your intake to your amount of exercise.  If you are too low in carbs it can lead to muscle breakdown and fatigue.  Keeping small amounts of carbohydrates is key and you can get your carbs through sources like sweet potatoes or other healthy carbs.  Removing carbs completely can result in negative effects.
If you are not exercising regularly than cutting your carbs lower will be key to helping you lose weight.
3. Eat Enough Food.
Less food is not always the key when it comes to losing weight.  You don’t need to deprive yourself of calories and much needed nutrients that you need for your body to function normally.   If you deprive your calories you can actually effect your resting metabolic rate which you really don’t want.  It would bring your weight loss to a stall.  You don’t need to starve yourself to “diet”.  Calories do matter, but underrating when trying to lose weight is just as problematic as eating too much.  Eating paleo will help you eat more satiating meals without having to count calories
4.  Stay Moving.
Keeping moving throughout the day will be key in a weight loss journey.  Especially for those that work in an office all day, drive in your car to and from work, and than go home and sit in front of your computer or tv, the hours of sitting really add up.  Exercise does not make up for the harmful effect that sitting all day creates.   Your hour of gym time in the day may not be enough to help you on your weight loss journey.  Get of your butt and move!
5.  Find an Accountability Partner.
When really trying to lose weight it will important to not take this venture alone.  Having the support will make the process so much easier.  You will want the encouragement of others as well and it will increase your chances of success.   So let those around you know you are switching to paleo and you want their support and to hold you accountable.  Have a diet partner, a workout partner, and someone who will encourage you.
6.  Focus on your life as a whole, not just your exercise and diet.

A lot of individuals don’t realize that when you don’t sleep well you will in fact be hungrier the next day.  When you have stress and anxiety you will release hormones that will cause you to store more fat.  Learning to manage your stress will be key and take 100% responsibility for yourself and your actions.  Try taking up meditation or yoga, and it will help having your accountability partner to help with keeping your stress at bay.

Turkey Burger Recipe – The Turkey Burger Evolved

1 slice Ezekiel bread

Chili powder and herb spices.


Combine everything –

lean turkey meat with

spinach, feta, bread crumbs, peppers, onions, mushrooms.

Make patties and cook

Serve on a bed of spinich with a small amount of cilantro dressing.

(Avocado slices optional)

You will still get your good carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

Eliminating the awful (full of sugar) white breaded bun.

Sugar Free Shopping

The Sugar-Free Shopping List
  • Brown rice
  • Sprouted grain bread
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cheese
  • Seafoods and meat – shop for a few day’s worth
  • Raw almonds
  • Deli meat from deli (less preservatives)  (shop for those breads carefully, ezekiel is king)
  • Eggs – hardboiled eggs make for quick, easy and healthy breakfasts on the run
  • Packets of baby carrots – ideal for snacks on the go
  • 100% whole wheat or gluten free pasta – read the labels for any hidden sugars
  • Lots of whole fruits
  • Several varieties of vegetables
  • Organic Peanut butter – full of natural ingredients with no added sugars
  • Tortillas, rices and pastas that are gluten-free and a great idea when you want to keep away from white flours and additional sugar


Turkey Burgers Evolved

1 slice Ezekiel bread

Chili powder and herb spices. 
Combine everything –
lean turkey meat with
spinach, feta, bread crumbs, peppers, onions, mushrooms. 
Make patties and cook
Serve on a bed of spinich with a small amount of cilantro dressing. 
(Avocado slices optional)
You will still get your good carbohydrates, protein, and fats. 
Eliminating the awful (full of sugar) white breaded bun. 

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