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Effects of Low Testosterone

It’s becoming more of the topic of conversation in home and at the office every today. The topic of testosterone use and whether or not it is effective and worth possible benefits. Symptoms of aging effect everyone and lately testosterone has been the topic across the board for men over 30 and even effects some younger men as well. Low testosterone effects many things in the male body. Testosterone is a hormone that is the driver when it comes to sex, it increases strength and muscle mass, and also increases bone strength.

low testosterone effects

The benefits by research show that testosterone supplementation when done correctly has very few drastic side effects with quite a few positive effects

Better Sex
Less Depression

Better Sleep

More Muscle Mass
Strength Gains

Better Appetite
Lower Fat Percentage ( when on a proper nutritional plan)


What Are The Effects of Low Testosterone ?

  • Low Sex Drive
    Erectile Dysfunction
    Trouble Orgasming
    Low Body Fluid Levels
    Genital Numbing
    Issues with Fatigue
    Decrease in Energy
    High Irritability
    Low Mood
    More Body Fat
    Reduced muscle mass
  • Poor Sleep
  • Loss of Focus

Low Testosterone Effects so many things in our day to day life. The best part is that with proper supplementation and doing it the healthy way you won’t have to experience these. Why should you when there is a clear answer to the problem? Don’t let the effects of low testosterone keep you down. There is plenty of information out there that shows the benefits far outweigh any side effects. Til Low Testosterone Effects you no more!

Testosterone wikipedia page – Wikipedia Testosterone

WebMd –WEbMD – Testosterone

low testosterone effects

TestShock is The #1 Natural testosterone optimization program on the market. Benefits of this natural product are incredible. Fight the effects of low testosterone and utilize the benefits of this product and program today

Muscle Up Pre-Workout by AP Athletics

Check out this awesome Pre-workout by a company called AP Athletic.  It’s called “Muscle Up“.

Muscle Up is  a stimulant free preworkout, created to harness the power of the brain in order to drive the body to new heights.  It utilizes 4 Core Nootropic ingredients that are enhanced with clinical strength amino acids designed to create a mind and body synergy for leaner, denser muscle mass.                        Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 8.04.26 PM

*  Muscle Up helps aid in:

*  Growth Hormone Production

*  Improves Focus and Combats Mental Fatigue

*  Nitric Oxide Booster

*   Performance and Physique

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 8.01.29 PM*   Building Lean Muscle Mass at a Faster Rate

Muscle Up is a Vegan Friendly Product manufactured in the USA, at cGMP certified manufacturing facility

Check out for full information

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 8.04.50 PM

Support Muscle Growth and Recovery

After exercise rest and recovery are essential to repairing muscle and tissue. This is especially critical after a heavy weight training session. For Anyone who exercises regularly, sleep patterns and sleep in general is so important for recovery. The body produces constructive Growth Hormones (GH) while we sleep which is largely responsible for tissue growth and repair.

When we engage in vigorous exercise such as weight training, the breaking down of proteins occurs in your body and muscles are actually damaged through microscopic tears created in the muscle fibers. After your workout is when the body begins to repair the damage you inflicted on it during training. During this time, the rate of repair is increased for a minimum of 2 – 4 hours (which is why it is so important to take a protein supplement immediately after training). Heavy weight training can stimulate the protein synthesis process for up to 24 hours, maximizing muscle growth until your next workout session.

So when my friend approached me about trying AdvoCare Nighttime Recovery I wanted to know exactly what it did.

AdvoCare’s Nighttime Recovery helps naturally support the muscle repair process by supplying the body with a powerful blend of adaptogens and proper nutrition that enhance the production of Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 6.07.08 PM
growth-related hormones. This advanced supplementation product provides your body with the long-lasting fuel overnight to sustain the repair process and keep muscle growth at its highest. It is great for those who work out on a consistent basis and frequently deal with post-workout soreness the next day

By supporting your body’s regenerative systems that produce strength and growth supporting hormones, taking AdvoCare Nighttime Recovery helps you wake up feeling less sore the next day as recovery time is reduced.  I’ve tried it and thought it was great for recovery and thought I would pass the word on.

For more details go to – Nighttimerecovery

Best Protein Shake Comparison Site

Protein ShakesFor those of you who take protein shakes, I came across a great site recently that lets you compare nutritional data so you know more accurately as to what is in your shaker. also helps explain the nuances on what have been collectively labelled as “protein shakes”.   Weight gainers, diet shakes, and meal replacement protein shakes– all fall under the umbrella of a vastly diversified product range as brands seek to capitalise on the growing demographic that are increasingly health conscious. The problem is, protein shakes can differ quite considerably.

For individuals who are new to taking a greater interest in fitness and nutrition, this website explains what exactly whey protein is and how it differs to that of a casein, a gainer protein, or a diet shake. It also gives some recommendations as to how much protein you should be consuming depending on your goals, gender and age.

Browsers in the UK are also given an extra treat in that they’re able to compare prices across 1,000+ products from 30 online stores. Should your wallet be running a little lighter this month, the site also makes further recommendations on protein shakes which share a similar macro profile but may be a little less in cost. To help you bag an even better deal, the site offers discount codes and money saving tips.  I have personally used the site now a few times and really love the background and knowledge it gives you on all the different protein products and they are quick to ship.    Take a look, you might just save when it’s time to replenish for your next protein hit.

Click Here –

Protein Shakes

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Lose Weight, Eat chocolate, and stay on track with your diet!!

On a new diet plan and craving sweets?

Looking to lose weight for the summer?

Love to eat chocolate but it’s not a part of your diet?

Here is your solution

A desert that helps you cut cravings and lose weight and still tastes awesome!

Top 5 Secret Weight Loss Supplements

Top 5 Secret Weight Loss Supplements
By: Joshua Zitting

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Paleo Diet: 6 key things for a Beginner Starting the Paleo Diet

How to Paleo Diet
6 Key steps to help with your journey
By: Joshua Zitting
With the Paleo diet there are some key things to take into account when it comes to losing weight.   Switching to Paleo alone could be what you need to jump start your weight loss goals but there are a couple key lifestyle changes you will need.  Here are 6 simple tips for a successful paleo diet plan:

1.  Simple Is Key.
Paleo alone will help you cut calories without restricting them and this alone will be super effective.  Eating simpler foods is the key to eating less according to research because it will help you cut weight without a lot of effort.
So what exactly does simple mean?  Eating healthy and sticking to the basics is key.  Stick to meat and fish, make sure to get plenty of veggies, root veggies and fruit, and some healthy fats but keep it minimal.  Keep your ingredients to a minimum with little additional flavoring if you are trying to lose weight.  Save your extravagant meals for the weekend or a cheat meal.
2.  Carbohydrates for Energy levels.
First off realize that every single persons body reacts differently to carbohydrates.  Some people react very well to super low carb diets while some people end up with no energy at all.  This will also depend on the amount of exercise that you are doing on a daily basis.
While I think that its important to have some carbohydrates in your diet for energy, you should match your intake to your amount of exercise.  If you are too low in carbs it can lead to muscle breakdown and fatigue.  Keeping small amounts of carbohydrates is key and you can get your carbs through sources like sweet potatoes or other healthy carbs.  Removing carbs completely can result in negative effects.
If you are not exercising regularly than cutting your carbs lower will be key to helping you lose weight.
3. Eat Enough Food.
Less food is not always the key when it comes to losing weight.  You don’t need to deprive yourself of calories and much needed nutrients that you need for your body to function normally.   If you deprive your calories you can actually effect your resting metabolic rate which you really don’t want.  It would bring your weight loss to a stall.  You don’t need to starve yourself to “diet”.  Calories do matter, but underrating when trying to lose weight is just as problematic as eating too much.  Eating paleo will help you eat more satiating meals without having to count calories
4.  Stay Moving.
Keeping moving throughout the day will be key in a weight loss journey.  Especially for those that work in an office all day, drive in your car to and from work, and than go home and sit in front of your computer or tv, the hours of sitting really add up.  Exercise does not make up for the harmful effect that sitting all day creates.   Your hour of gym time in the day may not be enough to help you on your weight loss journey.  Get of your butt and move!
5.  Find an Accountability Partner.
When really trying to lose weight it will important to not take this venture alone.  Having the support will make the process so much easier.  You will want the encouragement of others as well and it will increase your chances of success.   So let those around you know you are switching to paleo and you want their support and to hold you accountable.  Have a diet partner, a workout partner, and someone who will encourage you.
6.  Focus on your life as a whole, not just your exercise and diet.

A lot of individuals don’t realize that when you don’t sleep well you will in fact be hungrier the next day.  When you have stress and anxiety you will release hormones that will cause you to store more fat.  Learning to manage your stress will be key and take 100% responsibility for yourself and your actions.  Try taking up meditation or yoga, and it will help having your accountability partner to help with keeping your stress at bay.

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