All throughout high school I was a skinny guy.   I even had a few girls call me “bones” for a nick name.  I started training with weights at 16 because I wanted to play varsity sports.  I knew quickly that fitness was something that I loved and wanted to pursue.  I became a personal trainer at 18 and started working in gyms and doing part-time contract work.  My business evolved into fitness modeling, blogging, and now I have authored multiple books on fitness and dieting.  I’ve written multiple books on the best weight loss diets in the fitness industry today.  My work ranges with a focus on losing weight fast for women to healthy eating plans for men.


Results didn’t always come easy to me.  I know for a fact if I knew at age 20 what I know now at 30 I would have gotten results 10 times faster.   I did not fully grasp nutrition when I was young and it wasn’t until I went back to college for nutrition that it all clicked into place.  You see losing weight and gaining muscle is a simple formula.  Your body is a machine and it reacts accordingly to what you do on a daily basis.  If you have the secrets to the formula you can’t help but get results.  The problem is that there is so much BS information on the internet today that it leaves people either confused or doing all the wrong things.
Today I have made it my focus to make the information for my clients as fun and easy to understand as possible.  I got tired of reading fitness books that were 200 pages long.  So I started writing my own books where I try to eliminate all the fluff and give good quality information that makes sense for proper dieting, weight loss, gaining muscle, exercise, detox, personal growth, and meditation.
Here are a few of my book that are available on Amazon:
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