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Effects of Low Testosterone

It’s becoming more of the topic of conversation in home and at the office every today. The topic of testosterone use and whether or not it is effective and worth possible benefits. Symptoms of aging effect everyone and lately testosterone has been the topic across the board for men over 30 and even effects some younger men as well. Low testosterone effects many things in the male body. Testosterone is a hormone that is the driver when it comes to sex, it increases strength and muscle mass, and also increases bone strength.

low testosterone effects

The benefits by research show that testosterone supplementation when done correctly has very few drastic side effects with quite a few positive effects

Better Sex
Less Depression

Better Sleep

More Muscle Mass
Strength Gains

Better Appetite
Lower Fat Percentage ( when on a proper nutritional plan)


What Are The Effects of Low Testosterone ?

  • Low Sex Drive
    Erectile Dysfunction
    Trouble Orgasming
    Low Body Fluid Levels
    Genital Numbing
    Issues with Fatigue
    Decrease in Energy
    High Irritability
    Low Mood
    More Body Fat
    Reduced muscle mass
  • Poor Sleep
  • Loss of Focus

Low Testosterone Effects so many things in our day to day life. The best part is that with proper supplementation and doing it the healthy way you won’t have to experience these. Why should you when there is a clear answer to the problem? Don’t let the effects of low testosterone keep you down. There is plenty of information out there that shows the benefits far outweigh any side effects. Til Low Testosterone Effects you no more!

Testosterone wikipedia page – Wikipedia Testosterone

WebMd –WEbMD – Testosterone

low testosterone effects

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The Importance of Strength and Endurance Training

The Importance of Strength and Endurance Training

By Martial Artist Angel Redondo of in conjunction with Fitness Author Joshua Zitting

More often then not you will find individuals who start into fitness or sports and their main focus is purely to gain strength.   While this is important for a number of reasons, one of the key factors that tends to be overlooked is endurance.  You will come to find that pure strength doesn’t have much use in everyday life without endurance right by its side.  Strength and endurance training has incredible health benefits as well.  It will help keep you healthy and fight off illness as well as control a normal healthy weight.

It has also been found that for individuals that create and follow a strength and endurance routine and stick to it not only live with a better quality of life but have a better overall image of self.  Having a healthy body and healthy mind only lends to better overall happiness.  The other reason is that everything in fitness is measurable, therefore it’s easy to track results.  Individuals who track their results stick to their programs longer, and have a happier outlook on continuing the program.

Health Benefits of Strength and Endurance Training include:

Helps Manage Weight

Building strength and muscle mass will not only tone your body but will help you burn fat more efficiently increasing your overall metabolic rate.

Improves Strength

Lifting weights, or even body weight exercises will give you stronger muscles and joints.  This will not only increase your physical endurance but the overall functionality of your body.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Diabetes can be controlled or prevented through proper use of strength and endurance training due to the fact that it improves your sensitivity levels to insulin.  Having muscle mass helps with the storage of glucose and helps keep your body from spiking too high or low.

Improves Balance

When strengthening muscles and doing exercises that improve stability and endurance you will improve your overall balance.   Proper balance and coordination is important not only if you play sports but also for those of you older generations.   Endurance and strength training will help slow muscle loss as you age.

Builds Stronger Bones

Osteoporosis can become a problem as we age, and strength and endurance training can help slow this process or stop it completely.  Lifting weights help to promote cell growth in bones and helps increase bone density.

Other Benefits

Other Benefits of Endurance and Strength training Include:

  • Having a better self image
  • Improved body composition
  • Injury prevention
  • Increased mental health
  • Better posture

Myth Buster   –  For all the Ladies!

Lifting weights will not make you put on too much muscle mass.  It’s not going to make you bulky or bigger or slow.  Lifting weights is the fastest way to tone up and burn fat.   What will happen by lifting weights with strength and endurance training is you will build lean muscle that will help you burn fat more efficiently.

Now with all this information nothing can happen until you put it into action.  The key with strength and endurance training is to have a plan.  If you are new to training then maybe get a certified personal trainer that can help you get going.   It’s important to put the excuses away and find the time that works best for you and your lifestyle.  The best part of strength and endurance training is that once you get going, it just gets easier.  Building up your endurance will only allow you to work out longer and harder.  Once you build up your endurance, not only will your muscles work more effectively but so will your metabolism.  This is a win win situation for anyone who is either just starting into fitness or simply looking to change things up.  Which is why I believe that strength and endurance training is not only for everyone, but should be a priority.

Thanks again to my good buddy and Martial Artist Angel Redondo of for putting this together with me!

Best Way to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Best Way to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

4 ways of eating lean

By: Joshua Zitting

build muscle mass fast
build muscle mass fast

#1 Less Carbs, More Protein-

There are so many misinterpretations on how to build lean muscle fast.  While trying to gain muscle remember that carbs give you energy and are used more as fuel, where protein will create muscle.   So if you are eating a high carb diet with very little protein you won’t be putting on much muscle and you would have too much access energy from the carbohydrates which will then store as fat.   The other key thing to understand is it is in fact difficult for you to over eat protein, meaning you can get away with eating more lean meats.  Your body breaks down over 90% of protein ingested.  If you over eat carbohydrates you will have a massive insulin level spike and then carbs will start to get stored in the muscle as glycogen, but if glycogen levels are full, this will store as fat.   If you overeat protein your body will automatically slow down digestion until the protein is needed.

#2 Wholesome calories rather then Wasteful (Organic Raw Food) –

6ASMNGB3YI There is nothing worse than seeing people trying to build muscle fast but are trying to do it with fast food.   Just because you need more calories don’t make the mistake or misunderstanding that these can come from just anywhere.   Put quality foods in your body that will add lean muscle mass and give you results.  Junk food is the worst and will end up making you puffy and bloated looking.  Great carbohydrate sources like, brown rice, whole grains, vegetables, greens, and potatoes are awesome.  When it comes to proteins always go with lean cut meats, whole eggs, and chicken.   You can even throw in some healthy fats like raw almonds, avocados, and little bit of olive oil.  The key with these foods is to eat to maintain insulin levels and help the management of glucose levels.

#3  Less overall Calories –

The myth of needing to eat a ton of calories to gain muscle isn’t really the truth.   What matters more is what type of body you have and how active you are on a daily basis.  You see, to build muscle mass fast, adding an addition 500 calories a day could very well be plenty enough to put on mass.  Calories for your daily intake should range around 15-20 times your weight.  That’s around where you should be for adding mass.   Most of my clients will increase slowly by 150-250 calories a day from their daily base caloric intake.

Here is a video by Weight Gain Network on youtube on how to build mass fast.

#4  Keep the body guessing with Cycle Phasing –

Cycle phasing is alternating between high caloric and low caloric diet phases.  It would be like eating super low calorie for 2 weeks and than switching to higher calories for 2 weeks.  This shocks your body into adjusting to the changes.   It has been shown to add lean mass and have positive effects on the hormones of the body.  For your bulking cycle, write down what you currently weigh and multiply it by 10-12.   That will give you a number called your calories for maintenance.  Than depending on how active you are and your body type simply add 1100-1500 calories.  Less calories if you are less active, and more calories for more active. If cutting take your current weight by 8-10 and add 1100 -1500.   You can always slightly adjust in increments of 100 til you find your sweet spot.

Massive Chest and Abs Workout!

Massive Chest and Abs Workout

Massive Chest and abs workout
Machine incline press
Cable flys
Cross punch flys
Dumbbell press
Decline presses
Sit up
Ball crunch high raises
Pushup to knee ins
Alternating leg raises
V ups
Oblique rows

3 sets of 10-15

Massive Back and Bi’s Hawaii 5-0 Workout

Massive Back and Bi workout

Lat Pulls
Cable Curl Bar
Wide grip row
Standing curls regular and hammer
High bar concentrated bicep curls
Bench rows

3 sets of each 10-12 reps

Best Kettle Bell Workout

So, I know that not everyone can afford a personal trainer and some at home workouts can even run a pretty penny.    So this week I scoured the internet for what I thought was a great program for almost anyone to be able to pick up at a decent price with very little equipment needed.   This affiliate program Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0  ultikw_copy-231x300that I came across has everything that you could need and the best part is all you need is to go buy a kettle bell.   This guys program is legit and he goes through the whole body.  It’s one of the better programs that I have seen and the price is right.  So for those of you that can’t afford the gym or a trainer or just want to get some extra workouts in at home, check out 

Kettlebell Challenge Workouts 2.0 – Click Here

P90X meets Meditation!?!?! This New Work Out Program is Great!

So as you all know my site is dedicated to Mind, Body, and Spirit.   I have over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and over the past couple years I have gotten heavily into meditation.   I came across this program that I think is incredible.


Magic Hour – Unleash Your Power combines fitness and meditation for what I think is the whole package when it comes to health.  This may not be the right fit for you if you are trying to be a beast like body builder.  If you want a lean ripped physique while giving you time to create clarity, vision, and overall health this program is awesome!.

  • Workout Routines
  • Goal Setting
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Manifestation
  • Nutrition Guide

This affiliate program is what I think you will start to see more and more of as individuals start to realize you need not only exercise your body, but your mind, and spirit as well.

For more info click here –   Magic Hour

Lose Weight, Eat chocolate, and stay on track with your diet!!

On a new diet plan and craving sweets?

Looking to lose weight for the summer?

Love to eat chocolate but it’s not a part of your diet?

Here is your solution

A desert that helps you cut cravings and lose weight and still tastes awesome!

The “Fat Incinerating” workout – Burn Fat Fast with this total body workout!

10 pull ups
10 renegade rows
10 Single Hand TRX rows
10 Close grip TRX rows
10 TRX curl ups
10 Single Leg TRX squats each leg
10 explosive step ups each leg
10 squat to overhead press
10 wood chops each side
10 decline sit ups
10 decline side by side twist
2 times all the way through

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